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About Hack AE

Now in its second year, Hack AE is a 24-hour civic hackathon organized by the America East Academic Consortium, the academic initiative of the America East Conference. The event is designed to bring America East students together to build software and hardware projects that address the real world challenges facing our neighborhoods, cities, states, and country, with a specific emphasis on issues pertaining to cybersecurity, education, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness.

To learn more about Hack AE, please visit:

To learn more about the America East Academic Consortium, please visit:

About Hack AE Judging

Students are welcome and encouraged to submit their final projects for review by judges. Working with Major League Hacking representatives, judges evaluate final projects using the following criteria: originality, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness/impact. Winning projects will be recognized during the event's closing ceremony.

Given the nature of the event, we kindly ask that all judges possess a genuine interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. Ideally, judges should be well versed in the areas of computer programming, web development, and web design.

If you have questions or concerns regarding judge expectations, please do not hesitate to contact the Hack AE organizing team (

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Please note that the Hack AE organizing team will be in contact with interested and available individuals in advance of the hackathon to confirm attendance and provide additional event information.
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